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About Branwynn

Branwynn HB is dedicated to providing innovative, customer driven anti
terror and anti IED solutions for our clients worldwide.

Branwynn - One Step Ahead

Branwynn is a leading company in the field of counter terror and counter IED, with over 15 years of operative experience. Our dedicated staff has developed their expertise through service in elite law enforcement and military units. Based on our know-how, strategic and tactical experience, we have the capacity to offer a full spectrum of training, risk analysis and management, planning and implementing special projects that support governmental counter terrorism authorities, law enforcement agencies and private organizations in need of specialized security solutions.

Branwynn offers a team of highly trained and experienced staff that specializes in training, security solutions and risk/vulnerability analysis and management. We are experts in setting up and managing joint training of government bodies, mapping possible threats and implementing preventative measures. We offer state of the art intelligence analysis and provide relevant and current information.

Security solutions:

We assist our clients in implementing security solutions across a number of areas, in order to manage risks efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our R&D and IGT sections offer innovative solutions and developments of existing anti IED equipment, and our K9 unit offers specially trained dogs for virtuallly any mission.

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